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Onomatopoeia Shorts – Worksheets Companion Short Videos

Here are three very short little companion videos to the  Onomatopoeia – Read and Match Worksheet These can be used if you have a little one struggling with which picture goes with which word. These videos are fun and less than a minute each. Download the worksheets, cut out the pictures or words and have [...]

What in the World is an Onomatopoeia?

Onomatopoeia sounds like it could be the name of a dinosaur .. or maybe a one-eyed crawly creature of some sort.  It's a pretty cool word.  But what does it mean? Broken down "onoma" means word name and "poeia" means to compose or make. Onomatopoeia is defined as the "formation of words or names by [...]

Boing went the Bouncy Baboon Read-Along Video (Click video below)

Meet Becky! She's a boisterous baboon, who makes all kinds of funny sounds and cant help but get herself into trouble as she BOINGS through her day. Her exuberance can sometime be annoying to Mamma, Dad, and Teacher too, but at the end of the day, they all love their bouncy baboon. You will love [...]

Confessions of a Word Nerd

WORDS ARE MY SUPERPOWER! I’m a word nerd  Words are my Superpower! My day job revolves around words .. and in learning my trade I had to learn lots of words and how to break them down into their component parts (syllables, prefixes, suffixes) and how to properly punctuate sentences that contain those words.   [...]