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Meet the Creative Soul Behind the Magic!

Georgia Oh Resides in the sunshine-filled city of Jacksonville, Florida, where the warm breeze and vibrant energy serve as constant inspiration for her artistic endeavors.

As an accomplished children’s book author and artist, Georgia Oh brings stories to life with a unique blend of words and colors. With an infectious passion for igniting young minds, she weaves tales that not only captivate the imagination but also nurture the spirit of self-discovery.

In every stroke of the brush and carefully chosen word, Georgia Oh seeks to create a world where creativity knows no bounds. Her illustrations are a testament to the power of imagination, while her stories serve as keys to unlocking the doors of self-awareness for both children and adults alike.

Dive into the enchanting world of Georgia Oh, where the love for kids, artistic passion, and the pursuit of self-discovery converge to create literary and visual wonders that inspire, uplift, and ignite the spark of imagination in every heart.



Hi, I’m Georgia Oh, a modern children’s book author, artist, and aspiring illustrator..  I reside in sunny and warm Northeast Florida, and have raised two adult children while balancing a stressful career.   In the last five years I’ve been on a mission of self-discovery that has resulted in my foray into art and children’s books.  And most recently I’ve had a wonderfully mischievous toddler enter my life and find myself wondering if she was not manifested by the writing of my first children’s book, Boing Went the Bouncy Baboon.  She resembles my bouncy baboon character so much!  It’s absolutely wild!

My style has been influenced by some of the best children book authors in history, including the whimsicalness of Dr. Seuss, the memorable characters of Barbara Parker, Judy Blume, and Ronald Dahl, and the story development of J.K. Rawling and Rick Riordan, to name just a few famous authors from whom I draw inspiration.  

I believe that reading and writing are two of the most important skills we can develop as children.  As modern humans, we think in language and we communicate in language. Our language skills need to be effective.

I endeavor to create stories and characters that are fun to read, engaging, and encourage imaginative thinking, with one goal in mind:  Make reading fun from the beginning and throughout childhood.   

It is not my intention to preach to children on morals, behavior, or proper etiquette.  Will you find lessons in my stories?  Sometimes.  But if there is an underlying theme in my books, it will be the one belief I would love to see all children internalize, “It’s okay to be me.  No matter what, it is always okay to be me”



Provide hours of enjoyment with Boing went the Bouncy Baboon. Written in a catchy rhythm, your child will love mimicking the bip-boppity sounds this boisterous baboon makes throughout her day.

Boing went the Bouncy Baboon kindle cover


Your little one will love the read-along audio for Boing went the Bouncy Baboon. Encourage independent reading with page-turning Boings to keep your child interested for hours.



Do you have a project you would like to partner on? Or are you an illustrator? Reach out to me to open a discussion.